Thursday, August 20, 2015

18 months old ♥

it's happened again! baby joseph is another month old, and it is now a year and a half since this little one joined the kendall crew. your favourite song is "if your happy and you know it" and if you hear someone in the house singing it, you immediately begin to clap your hands along to the tune and smile that huge smile of yours. you love all the nursery rhymes you hear and always want your mummy and daddy to put on the 'mother goose club' (a channel with a group of children singing nursery rhymes and childrens song) and you would watch it and dance along all day long if we would let you. you love to dance along to music and your newest move is to stand still and stomp with one leg and use the other to dance in a circle. adorable.

you love to (sometimes!) play quietly in your room and read your books and occasionally i'll find you in there quite content and playing all alone. you've learnt what it is to be quiet and if we tell you to shoosh, you'll place your finger at your lips and make the shooooooosh noise. 

your last two teeth (for a while i hope!) have popped through just this week, completing your little set of 16 baby teeth. you have the sweetest toothy little grin and those dimples! to die for. you're still having troubles with your teeth though and you've become very clingy again... to the point that when i try and take you to nursery at church you cry and cry and sob until i have to come back and get you. sigh. attached to mama much?

you love your morning fruit and vegetable juice with mama, so much so, that sometimes when you finish the cup (seriously, he downs those in 20 seconds sometimes!) you'll come running back into the kitchen waving your cup and pointing it at me, waiting for a refill,

you've finally given up breastfeeding, we got down to one feed a day and then finally none, amazingly enough, it was exactly the same time wise that your big sister gave up. how funny!

you still don't talk too much, just a few words and not often.., we spoke to the child health nurse about it today and i mentioned that you understand everything we say, point at what you want and really make yourself known... thankfully she gave me the answer i had hoped for, that she also thinks there isn't anything wrong and you'll speak when you're ready, most probably when your chatterbox sister isn't there to say everything for you! haha. 

we adore you! you are sweet and cuddly and just our little joseph! ♥

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