Thursday, July 23, 2015

seventeen months ♥

another month has raced by and now he's another one older! :( where is my sweet little baby going?

he is obsessed with switching power points on and off, slyly looking at us while he does so... on off on off on off on off... he also loves the tv remote, turning the tv on, changing the channel, turning the volume up load

he's also taken up crawl around the floor with your nose down like a sniffer dog... it is hilarious to watch and makes me laugh so hard.

he loves toy cars and zooming them along the ground, swinging in your swing for hours on end and chocolate! he can't get enough of it in his little face and always point at wherever you have seen it come from and make a lot of noise in the hopes that mummy will give in and let you have more.

he stood at the side of your bath and said "up up up up up!" over and over until i put him in, so excited to get in and splash about. there are two teeth poking through in his bottom jaw, ready to complete your set of baby teeth. ouch! 

he are still trying very hard to talk and making lots of noise, but certainly getting his point across. 

as adorable as always!

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