Friday, July 31, 2015

make an offer!

so... we made an offer on a house! a few weeks ago we went to a mortgage broker and found out that we could actually buy a house! that you know banks would actually lend us money and that we would then have to act like grown ups and pay it back for the next 30 years... haha

so, we went to look at a few... and this one, number 4 in aveley, was amazing. the only flaw was that it didn't have the big back yard that i have always pictured... but it does have a big park (and by big i mean an entire blocks worth) of park directly out the front door. talk about epic... best of both worlds, because we don't have to take care of it...

but... they accepted our offer! it's all systems go and now we just wait for finance. oh my gosh. we may have bought a house! ♥

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