Saturday, July 11, 2015

madeline is four!

today our sweet girl turned four! it feels like just yesterday she raced into our lives and she has barely stopped for breath since. she loves to laugh, to play, to ask questions and to sing. in bed, in the shower, in the backyard, even on the toilet. but we love her and all her little songs... she is truly the light of our lives. she loves dresses and skirts and handbags, hates jeans and pants. 

she adores her baby brother and tells him everyday, as she helps him along and includes him (most of the time) in her endless games. what joy it brings to us as parents to see them together. lately she has been telling me that she needs a sister too hahaha. only time will tell... (no this is not an announcement of any kind) she loves to ask endless questions and to chat away about anything and has the memory of an elephant. sometimes she amazes us with the things she remembers! 

at madeline's request we had a my little pony birthday party, which included some little pops of pony things all over the place, including this game of pin the horn on the unicorn which i picked up from coles last year for just a dollar!

and pony throw... there aren't too many pony related games out there so i made one up! we got four stuffed ponies (all from the opshop for a dollar each) and placed a big pink bucket accordingly depending on age and what we guessed their throwing abilities to be... they all loved it and got right into it. success!

and of course, what is a party without pass the parcel. winner was a pop together my little pony set. thank you target clearance!

daddy and joseph chilling together ♥

aunty jen made madeline's cake again this year (what a blessed mum i am, i haven't had to make one of my childrens birthday cakes yet thanks to my sweet best friend who steps in and makes such perfect ones each year) and made exactly what we wanted, sweet and simple, so we could add a little pop of my little pony on the top and a surprise in the middle!

madeline with her precious my little pony cake

cutting the cake with mummy after blowing the candles out...

and finding it was full of smarties! what an awesome surprise.

joseph also spent a little time with the ladies... here's a snap of him and his future bride analeah. hahaha. i can't even imagine my babies getting married, but what a sweet picture this is. i am so in love with it.

happy birthday sweet girl. we are so proud to be your parents and we love you so much!

and of course a family picture, just because 


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