Tuesday, July 14, 2015

maddie's birthday week

dougs parents arrived in perth last night, so seeing as they missed madeline's birthday by just 2 days, it seemed fitting that another cake and candles were in order... 

we found a hello kitty cake at the local coles, and amazingly enough it was delicious!

she was thrilled to have her birthday extended by a few more days (she will learn in time that the goodlet family [- my side] love to celebrate birthday week, not birthday day) and grinned away as we say happy birthday to her and she got to open even more gifts. spoiled girl! i have learned in time that although the word i automatically jump to in my head is spoiled, that i need to reword it and say loved. madeline is very, very loved. especially seeing as she was stephen and oli's first grandchild... nothing could stop them loving her

well there you have it sweet girl. it's all over for another year... you'll have to start talking about your 5th birthday now haha ♥

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