Friday, July 17, 2015

high tea with mama

it's my mums birthday today! and to celebrate, i left my kids with their other grandparents, so we could go opshopping and out to have high tea together in guildford. and it was so worth it. no kids to worry about... and we got to sit and chat and for once just enjoy each others company. (disclaimer: it's not that i don't love my children... it's just nice to be able to have some adult time every now and then, especially with your mum, because let's be honest, once you have kids, how often do you ever get to see your parents on your own? especially, while we're still being honest... they normally want to see the kids more than you hahahaha)

there is no one greater in the whole wide world than my mum. she is so clever and downright talented. she can sew anything, look like a master and she is so kind. she has been the finest example of love and selfless service to me in my life.

high tea was the perfect choice as we share a love for vintage china and loved every minute of our time at maddison cottage. i have been there before, but this was her first time... i think i am pretty safe to say she loved it as much as i did.

our opshopping adventures were well enjoyed too as we dug through the shelves and racks hoping for some treasure and found some great stuff. 

happy birthday mama. you mean the absolute world to me - and the finest compliment i have ever received is "you are turning into your mother." ♥

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