Wednesday, July 1, 2015

best grandparents in the world

i truly feel like i have been blessed with the best parents in the world. as i am in brisbane trying my hardest to be helpful, to pack and clean and sort, my little girl had to stay home with my parents. the tickets to brisbane are expensive, i would be so busy and she needs so much time and attention that it was simply just going to be too hard. so i left... and left her with my parents. 

i cried at the airport, she has cried a lot since... and so have i. she is such a huge part of me. she is basically just that... me. but smaller. same chatty personality...

i miss her dark eyes, her sweet hugs - and her obsession for trying to snuggle as close to me as is physically possible. i love her so much and it is so hard to be away from her.

but i know she is not only safe, but having a good time with her nanna and grandad. mum sends me photos of her doing everything you can think of... and she is always smiling. they had a hard time at the beginning, as madeline told them the second night she was there through tears that she needed to go home because her daddy was waiting for her and would miss her! thankfully she eventually announced that she would stay and has been fine since...

except for a few times that mummy has called and she has cried and asked me when i am coming to take her home. thank goodness for my sweet parents who have kept her busy so she hasn't had much time to miss me... and have dutifully run her home to her dad at the weekends.

hold in there my sweet girl! mummy will be home soon... and i won't leave you again!

(photos courtesy of my mums ipad... sent to me daily. thanks mum, you're a gem)

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