Monday, July 27, 2015

a trip to clackline and york

no matter how long it's been, or how many times i visit... going to clackline is always like going home. after church yesterday we (doug and the kids and his parents and i) went to my parents house for dinner... and the kids and i stayed the night. i love it there. i love the drive up, the farm, everything there... and just being there. 

madeline was in heaven too, as we always let her sit on our laps to "drive" up mum and dads road. i remember how important i always felt when they let me, so i love to watch her.

and today we went to the salvation army jumble sale in york... imperative when visiting - there are bargains to be had! and then took the kidlets for a play at the park near the bridge. they are so cute it's insane... and i love to watch them playing and laughing together.

and swinging the day away...

of course we then had to stop in for a visit to the lion monument in clackline...

(i am unsure if i have ever shared this story on my blog, so apologies if you are reading anything you've heard before... 
my brother likes to tease my sister in law and say she is a little gullible... and one time upon visiting clackline they happened to discuss the lion monument. jared told her that years and years ago there was a travelling circus that visited the local school. according the jared version of the story, a lion escaped and attacked (ate?) two of the children and the monument was erected in their memory. donna replies with, "oh my! but wouldn't they have had children on the monument? not a lion? it seems odd to me that he would be the one remembered" upon which time she glanced at my brother who was stifling a laugh. what a clown)

the creek that flows under the old clackline bridge...

and the vintage train carriage and old tractor parked by the clackline general store.

even if i visit a million times, i will never tire of the place. 
we love clackline! ♥

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