Saturday, June 20, 2015

we have a 16 month old!

this boy is the funniest! 90% of the time he is happy and laughing and trotting around the house making mischief. he runs quickly on the spot sometimes when he is excited, a few quick steps and then rushes off again, funny little thing.

he has so many troubles with his teeth though, such a change from madeline, hers just came through without any problems, where this baby is always grizzling and grabbing at his gums when one arrives which seems to be every second week. boo. he has 14 teeth now! someone call the dental police!

he has started to do what we call baby yoga, when he leans forward and put his hands then head on the ground and makes a triangle shape, all the while giggling and looking side to side to make sure we are watching. he and maddie are always together, up to something...

nothing has made me laugh harder than this though. joseph has worked out where we keep bowls in the cupboard and obviously associated them with food, so when he is hungry, he trots into the kitchen, helps himself to a bowl, then comes and hit me in the leg with it. as if to say, "what are you doing woman! get me some food!" it is the funniest thing!

he is still not saying much, i guess it's hard to get a word in edgewise with madeline around, but he has started to say up!

we love him!

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