Sunday, June 28, 2015

to guide us home

i went to church in brisbane today with doug's mum and baby j... who decided that today was the day to put on a performance and run back and forth, back and forth, and not sit still at all. as a mum, i don't always (barely ever) get to sit through an entire church meeting and actually listen... so when my mother in law insisted on taking him out for a little while to let him run it out i didn't argue.

one of the talks was amazing and really spoke to my heart... it was about not just living a life, but focusing on the things that would lead us back to our heavenly home...
scripture study 
and service

prayer and scripture study are things we learn as children and they so easily become a part of our daily routine when we are blessed with faithful parents... but i was also blessed to grow up in a home where my parents were always doing something for someone else. mum would always cook more than we needed... in order to be able to give some to someone in need. dad was always dashing off somewhere, to check out someones car, to do an odd job, to lend a hand. i am so grateful for the example they have been to me... it's made me want to make sure my life is the same. i want to give, to make time for anyone that needs my help. to make sure my hand is extended at all times. because it is service, as well as other things, that will in the end, guide us home.

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