Sunday, June 7, 2015

sunday with the fam

it's so nice to have aunty favz here with us for the weekend, the kids are loving it (please just ignore josephs grumpy look he is wearing, it's been a very long week with teeth coming in right, left and centre blerrrrgggg) and i am so thrilled to have a photo of my kids with their great aunt who adores them.

 we are so lucky to have the temple in the back yard of our chapel and to see it every time we go to church, it serves as a constant reminder of promises we have made and the life we strive to live.

and how i love these happy chatty kids, they make my life so sweet.

and the fact that they love each other so much, makes me so happy. i am hoping that it continues into their teenage years and that i don't have to remind them daily to be nice to each other. fingers crossed for a good outcome. haha.

and this sweet girl. what a joy it is to see her growing up loving the gospel and waiting to enter the temple. she is such a light in our lives.

sundays? they are my favourite days of the week ♥

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