Saturday, June 27, 2015

garage sale!

it was 1am this morning and i was finally heading to my bed... after setting this up. i must admit, i'm more than just a little proud of myself, because i actually made this happen, with not a huge amount of help. i've been posting ad after ad on local buy/sell/swap pages, gumtree and facebook and then i just sat and hoped and prayed that people would not only come, but that they would actually buy our things!

and they did! we sold all but one of the large items, which we ended up gifting to the people who bought the vast majority of the furniture... get this, they turned up half an hour before we were going to close off... and it just so happened that we had everything they needed. coincidence? i think not! we were thrilled and so were they, because it worked perfectly.

the few things that were left over, we will be donating to the salvos in the next few days, as we do the last of the culling this week, but today has truly taken a weight off our shoulders, such a success and truly the answer to our prayers.

i can't believe that life in brisbane is about to be over... but believe it or not, it is, and in just over a week, the kendall family will be out of this house and soon joining us in perth, 
where we can be a family again ♥

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