Friday, June 5, 2015

disney on ice: dare to dream

tonight we had a girls night at disney on ice: dare to dream at the perth arena. i went to disney on ice with madeline last year and when i told mum how good it was, we decided we would all go this year ans it was an awesome night out. yay! some of our other friends joined us too, as well as dougs aunt and cousins daughter who arrived this morning to visit from melbourne.

elsa and anna from frozen were chilling (get it? hahaha) in the foyer, taking pictures with people as they arrived... i am hoping this is a hint that frozen on ice will soon be coming to perth!

and my favourite of the modern princesses... rapunzel, had her own little photobooth upstairs as you went into the show.

i was absolutely thrilled to see that this year, one of the major sections of the show was dedicated to tangled, which i am obsessed with i mean seriously, find me a girl that doesn't have a huge crush on flynn ryder...

the finale was amazing as always, including a dance with all the disney princesses and princes on the ice together and even a few mini fireworks. i loved every single second, because i'm clearly a big kid at heart. i think i'll have to take madeline until she begs me not to.

my favourite little one and i  :)

madeline showing off her rapunzel flag that we bought. i must admit, it is possibly more for me than her... hahaha.

and a shot with her cousin emma overlooking the rink. what a wonderful night out.

thanks mum!

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