Wednesday, June 24, 2015

packing up

ahem. guess what? i'm in brisbane! 

yep. that's right. the kendall family needed help to get this house of theirs empty and leave the state, so i am here to help. it was all up in the air whether i would go or not, but all of a sudden, there was flights being booked, a bag being packed and joseph and i are here for probably the next two weeks. we'll see what happens...

it's amazing how much you can accumulate over the years, it's not my house, so obviously i don't have a sentimental attachment to things and it is much easier for me to say, okay that can go... i just hope i am being a help and not a hindrance haha.

i am also amazed at how much you can get done quickly though, if you really need to. we are selling things right, left and centre on gumtree. people are coming and going, waving their cash and things are going well. i just hope we can get it all done, and in time. we have a deadline and we are all just praying we can do this. fingers crossed,

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