Tuesday, May 12, 2015

we are clean!

finally after a week, we have test results! there is no whooping cough here... thank goodness. we can leave the house again and be normal human beings haha.

first item on the agenda was leaving the house of course, so we all walked up to the local shops to post a package to sister kendall. all we really got out of  her on sunday was how cold she is, so we sent her a big jacket (which is now thirdhand sister missionary), a scarf, some more shoes, some treats, a painting from madeline... and some other bits and bobs. hopefully she will have it soon. it's not bad though, going airmail from perth, they have said it's only between 3-10 working days. not bad at all.

now to wash all the linen in the house seeing as he is finally feeling better. a mothers work is never done.

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