Sunday, May 17, 2015

sunday loving ❤️

there's not much i love more than sundays. it's a chance to go to church with my family, to be together and to have the best excuse ever to dress these kids up like there is no tomorrow. i am obsessed with hair bows, dresses, bow ties, vests and little shoes... so bring on all the sundays i say!

today was rainy and cold for the first time in months... so when we walked out the front door of the chapel and there was a break in the showers, i dashed up the temple steps and popped joseph down to pose for a pic. perfect light, two shots to get it... snap snap and into the car as the rain started again.

plus... madeline was thrilled to bits when we got home and i gave her her gumboots and told her to go nuts in the puddles out the front of our house. i love rain... i love cold...

...but most of all i love sundays

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