Saturday, May 30, 2015

evie is two!

today we went to sweet evie's second birthday party. evie's mum alex and i have been friends since i was 4 and it makes me so happy to see our little girls running around together like we did once upon a time. 

alex did a pink and gold dot theme and it looked awesome, especially the word banner she had made and strung up on the wall. i was so impressed with it... she's a legend!

the sweet and serious birthday girl

and the cake was the cutest! i am a long time smartie lover and i totally loved it, alex is bringing smarties back!

and the coolest bit... it was a pinata cake! when it was cut into and opened, all the insides (more smarties of course) fell out and spilled all over the table. so awesome... i seriously want to copy it for madeline's birthday, hopefully alex won't be too mad haha.

i love this family to pieces... and am so glad to count them as my friends.

happy birthday sweet evie!

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