Friday, May 15, 2015

backstreets back alright!!!

all my teenage dreams came true tonight when i scored a last minute ticket to the backstreet boys concert at perth arena. my friend dom had bought two and was going to take her mum. when they were here last week i said jokingly to her mum, "if you feel sick let me know, i'll go" and next thing i knew i was being informed that i was going! what an awesome surprise that was!

the concert was pretty epic i must say... the boys came out dressed to the nines in blue slim fit suits and white shirts to do their first set... and oh did they dance. those 90s boy band choreographed dance moves were out in full force and the crowd loved every single minute of it.

as you can see we were pretty excited!

during one of the songs, they asked the crowd to put on their phone lights and holy moly was it bright in there.

i have to say also, i was so impressed. back in the day when i was a teenager (in fact their first song was released the year i turned 12) they just sang and busted out the occasional dance move, but now they all sing better and play instruments and write their own music! it was a really good show!

but... as it was to be expected, nick carter is still by far the hottest - and thousands of girls in the arena made sure he knew about it... so he was putting on a good show for them. including an impromtu dance solo during one of the last songs. i could not stop laughing. most of the night, in fact.

so after 20 years, they are still going strong... and backstreet's back alright!!

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