Sunday, May 24, 2015

baby blessings in mandurah

what's the only thing better than one new baby? two! cousins that were born just weeks apart and will undoubtedly be best friends when they grow up.

baby lincoln (on the left) and baby samuel who were blessed today at mandurah ward and they are just the cutest little men. :)

my friend kelly is baby sam's mum and  was quite happy to let me snap a billion pictures of him which made my day, he is an absolute little darling.

i mean seriously. look at that face.

it was a gorgeous day, full of family and love

and cake! yum

and just for good measure, here is my friend aeronny (kellys husbands aunt and the reason i know kelly! i go waaaaaaaay back with this family... haha) cuddling her two new great nephews! i am loving this photo!

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