Saturday, May 23, 2015

10 years of funerals

it's a week of anniversaries! 10 years ago today i started as a funeral directors assistant with chipper funerals. 10 years ago. i can hardly believe it. married with two kids later (and on my second bout of maternity leave) i'm still at my first even full time job. i have literally learned how to do every single thing that was on offer other than embalming and driving a limousine and i am so proud that i have made it all that way. 

i am amazingly grateful to the then general manager who took a huge chance on a 21 year old and let me prove that i was worth it. i have loved every single moment over the years and can't even imagine a different path. 

i just wish i could find a picture of me with a hearse... but this is the only one i could find :(

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