Thursday, April 30, 2015

when daddy's away...

we had some bad news last week... doug's best friend is married to a twin, and her twin sister passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer. she and doug had been quite close and when he was asked to come to the funeral, we knew it was a good idea. so off he went. i got to have my first real experience of solo parenting, with two kids on my own for 6 days... without even the option of running to my parents house for time out - as they are overseas as well!

amazingly enough, it was pretty smooth sailing... madeline was pretty great - and joseph was okay for most of the week, with the exception of when his gums were hurting... he has another tooth pushing through his gum, that is so big that i want to cry just looking at it. it was even bleeding at one stage :(

he did look around a lot as if to ask where daddy had gotten too - and then proceeded to drag his hats around... and even try a couple on. he is too adorable!

even church wasn't too bad - as madeline attached herself to uncle richard the minute we arrived, then perched in his lap and refused to leave it. sorry rich! but thank you, made my life easier!

we even made a visit to ikea and madeline had her first experience in the creche (aka smaland side note... how funny and fitting is that name?!) and amazingly loved it! she is normally clingy and a little funny when it comes to going to people she doesn't know well, but she had a great time.

so there you have it. i made it out alive, almost a few on my own with 2 kids... doug will be home in a few hours and... i win!
:) x ♥

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