Thursday, April 16, 2015

sky & hayley got married!

this week one of my dearest friends got married... in tasmania! hayley and i have been friends for 24 years and counting, so when she asked me to come to her teeny nearly all family wedding i clearly had to go. lucky for me one of mums dearest friends lives in tassie, about 15 mins from the venue, kindly let me stay with her and babysat baby j for me, while i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i was even luckier that a friend here in perth watched madeline for me while doug was at work each day... :)

what a perfect day it was! cloudy (makes for beautiful photos!!) and crisp but not too cold. 

and what a beautiful bride she made! it was so great to be there and see the smile that just couldn't be wiped off her face for the whole day. there is no doubt in my mind that she and sky were truly meant to be.

the ceremony and reception were held at the red feather inn in hadspen, near launceston. it's a gorgeous old inn built in 1842 and is everything a bride could dream of. vintage styling, old buildings, on site accommodation, amazing food...

the ceremony was in the courtyard, where we played lawn games whilst the photographer took her snaps afterwards, then we moved into the barn to have our meal at this gorgeous old long table, heated by a log fire.

hayley was a dream in her gown and sky looked gorgeous (he scrubs up well)... the bridesmaids were beautiful and tyson (skys son) the best little man was perfectly behaved and looked so sweet.

i was thrilled to be allowed to take some sneaky snaps during the day (thank you hayley!) and also to have been asked to give a speech at the reception. i dragged up some good stories and got some laughs, but definitely felt so privileged to be there. watching someone you have known and been friends with for so long, marry the one they want to spend the rest of their life with is just something so sweet to be a part of.

bridal party

the sweet reception area

first dance, i love that look of pure joy on hayleys face in the photo below.

sky's mum even made their cake and it looked amazing, what a sweet mother in law hayley is scoring!

and here we are together. congrats hayley! enjoy your happily ever after. xx

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