Saturday, April 18, 2015

jen's baby shower

my bestie is having a baby!! yes that's right, i am going to be an "aunty" in 6 short weeks. wahoo! how exciting for me. today jen and mat had their unisex baby shower, affectionately referred to as a "babyq" perfect!

mat's friend felix was on hand and maybe slightly unwillingly assisted me with my decorating... especially the hanging of the teacups from the veranda rafters... quite conveniently he didn't even require a ladder... didn't take us long at all.

we were rather proud of ourselves, decorating away, still fulfilling our bestman and maid of honour duties, 5 years later. til death do we part and all that haha.

i was loving the water fountain... put to good use yet again. i have definitely gotten my $19 worth.

jen is having a turn with my bassinet, which my brothers and i all slept in, then madeline and joseph slept in... i am so glad to see it being used once again... and it made an awesomely cute place to pop all the gifts.

and of course because we couldn't (or should i say wouldn't) play games - we had a book for advice to jen and mat. i persish to think about what is written in there haha.

the kids had a great time, with lots of room to run around and mat's nieces and nephew to play with... it was just a great casual setting - and i think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

and of course, mat was in fine form... working his magic at the bbq. some things will never change.

there was enough food for an army... or lots of hungry people... and it was enjoyed by all

jen and her mum amanda ♥

not long to go now, jen is still looking good and happy!

parents to be, looking thrilled i see.

and i love this shot. i am so excited and can hardly wait! yay! a baby is on it's way!

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