Monday, April 6, 2015

because he lives

i love easter. i love the extra long weekend, the time with family... the hot cross buns and especially the malteaser bunnies (i could easily eat a dozen in one sitting and probably not even feel bad...) but easter means so much more to me!

easter is a celebration of the living christ. who died and rose again, for me and for you. who suffered in gesthemane so that we could have a second and third and twentieth chance at getting things right. how grateful i am, how lucky i feel, to know that i can try again each day.

we went to church, where there was an easter program with some lovely talks and two musical items - including one from me "i know that my redeemer lives" which in my opinion is a perfect song choice for easter... thankfully it went well and i felt pretty good about it afterwards.

we even managed to snap some cute family photos outside at the end. how i love my little family and our sundays together. at least we always get one day a week together.

look at this sweet face. i am such a lucky mama.

our kids were so happy to have their easter treats and were happy to show them off for pictures. we spent the last few weeks explaining to madeline what easter eggs represent and thankfully she told us all this morning as she spied them what they were. boom. parenting done right. she also told us about the tomb and how jesus died and they rolled the big rock in front of it before he came alive again. thank goodness she listens. :)


so until next year...

i know that my redeemer lives, what comfort this sweet sentence gives
he lives, he lives, who once was dead... he lives, my ever living head
he lives to bless me with his love, he lives to plead for me above...
he lives, my hungry soul to feed, he lives to bless in time of need

-lds hymns 136

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