Tuesday, April 21, 2015

14 months of goodness

another month, another shot of this delicious boy on the couch. it's now been 14 months since he joined our clan - and i can barely remember life before he came! he is growing so, so quickly and progressing like mad! as you know from my little video, he is off and walked, was a little hesitant and just took a few steps at a time, but within a week was trotting around all over the place - and now is a little speedster.

while we were away in tasmania, he spent the day with mums friend annette and was apparently an angel. they went for a walk and saw some of the neighbours animals and decided to say dog (doh doh!) and has also finally said dad! 

he claps his hands to music and babbles away to us, although he doesn't use many recognisable words, he certainly is trying to tell us something!

he also got another tooth, a big one, which took a very long time and made him quite unhappy. that brings us to 9 now! teething certainly is not his forte, which is a not so happy change from madeline, she seemed to not have any issues at all as her teeth arrived. 

he loves tank and buddy from dinosaur train and always selects them from his toy line-up in his room. it's so fun to see his eyes light up when he sees something he likes, it makes me so happy when he is happy too!

i can hardly believe it when i look at him, but he is a real little boy! no baby here anymore. :(

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