Thursday, March 26, 2015

throwback thursday

my sister in law dominique sent me this picture this week of a very little madeline. sometimes i still can't believe that when she was just 12 months old i braved the world and went back to work, leaving her with niques. she was still just a baby and maybe i should have stayed at home with her and been that mum. but... seeing this picture reminded me how happy she was... she was in her house, with her toys, with her aunty she loved - having a fabulous time each day. 

i am so and forever grateful to niques. she taught this little girl to say please and thank you, how to count, to say her prayers... and never once asked for anything in return. she and madeline are the best of friends and that is a wonderful blessing to me in itself. 

how lucky she is, how lucky we are, for her love and kindness. for her efforts to make madeline the sweet girl she is today. and most of all, for spamming my message and email inboxes all the day long with precious photo moments of this sweet girl. i can't thank you enough.

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