Monday, March 23, 2015

rich gets his melchizedek

yesterday was our dianella stake conference and we had the wonderful opportunity to be there with our friend richard as he was advanced in the priesthood, to receive his melchizedek priesthood and become an elder. what a special day... so of course... out comes the camera. 

i love that we are blessed to have the temple in the back lot of our chapel, none of those photos in front of the chapel... haha they give me the irrits, if my camera is out... we are in front of the temple!

and plus... that is the next stop for the seleue family - they are going to be sealed as a family in the new zealand temple in july. we are so excited for them (although more than just a little bummed that we won't be there with them!)

again... how lucky we are. less than a ten minute drive from our house!

my sweet friend florence with her babies. how i love them, i am so glad they decided to move to perth!

and a snap of the seleue boys, rich and his brother maaliva with baby melchizedek.

congrats rich!


i was so glad i happened to be out the back taking photos though, as after all the ordinations, these 6 young men came outside to recreate a photograph they had taken two years earlier. the six are all from our stake and had made a goal together to serve a mission once they were old enough, 2 years later - 3 of them received the melchizedek priesthood in one day and got one step closer to their goal. their goal is the same and they are all still united. they are the future of the church here in perth and i am sure it could not be in better hands.

"as long as you look towards the temple, 
you will never be lost..."

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