Sunday, March 29, 2015

renee loves chris

it has often been said that your first friend as a child is your cousin... and i know that in my case it's definitely true... my mother found out she was pregnant with me, not long after her sister gave birth to a baby girl and we grew up together. we spent our school holidays together, chatted about clothes and boys and every single thing.

and on friday, i got to watch her walk down the aisle, escorted by my beaming uncle, to marry the love of her life. i have never seen her look more beautiful, or happier - and i am so glad i got to be there.

renee and i at the reception

renee and chris were married at the western australian maritime museum, under a boat, in front of a completely windowed wall. it was the most amazing setting - and as the sun got lower and the room filled with light, they promised to love each other, for as long as they live. doug and i were fairly close to the back of the room and i got to watch her face light up as she saw chris standing there waiting for her to join him... what a special moment. 

some of the gorgeous flowers that were scattered around the ceremony and reception. what a beautiful job the florist did... i was absolutely loving the flowers and colour choices.

at the beginning of the ceremony the celebrant made special mention of loved ones who couldn't be with us. among those were roy & gwen... renees mother and my mothers parents. it was so nice to hear them mentioned and then to walk into the reception and see a photo of them along with renee's other grandparents on a side table.

they also had an incredible guest book... a jenga game, that people could write their names and a message on. very cool!

my cousin jaydons (renees younger brother) daughter was the flower girl... and was just the sweetest thing in the world. her navy tulle dress... sweet little braid and flowers in her hair. i just wanted to cuddle her. so adorable!

and of course, my adorable parents... the very best people i know. i love this photo of them. they always look so happy!

no wedding is complete without a couple of good selfies. here is a photo of me - and future me. i am rapidly becoming my mother... and i am amazingly okay with that. she's incredibly cool.

and my husband. how lucky i am to have him. for always.

we had a really great time at the wedding and are glad to have been there and been a part of your special day. thanks for inviting us renee and chris!

"there is a happiness that has no end... it comes when marrying ones best friend"

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