Thursday, March 5, 2015

pink-all family home evening

on the first monday of every month, we have a special family home evening with our family friends, the pinkers. we've been doing it for over a year now and we love it - because it guarantees we see each other at least once a month. for anyone that's reading my little blog that's not a member of our church, you can read more about family home evening here...

they arrived this monday, with a gift for the newest one year old we know... and doug was stoked, a perth wildcats jersey! he loves them... and loves kids in sporting attire, so it was a win/win! plus look how happy he was to be wearing it! we always joke about "birthday week" in our family, although sometimes it ends up being more like birthday month as we catch up with people a little later on.

we love fhe and the pinker family and are so glad to count them as members of our (extended) family!

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