Friday, March 20, 2015

"baby" j is 13 months

he is getting so big! 13 months old now and still sweet and smiling away. he had his first hair cut this month (he was rocking a little bit of a mullet beforehand...) by my lovely mum and now looks more like a little boy than a baby...

he loves to eat and polishes off more spaghetti than madeline can without batting an eyelid. must be the samoan in him. he has mastered yes and no even though he isn't talking and furiously nods his heads in response to a lot of questions he is asked and has recently started shaking it as well. doug likes to sit with him and say, "yesssss, nooooo" and watch him. little cutie. 

for entertainment value, this is the little toy pram that maddie pushed him around in as a baby... he just fit when he was small - and look at him now! our big little boy.

at the beginning of this month, he started letting go of the furniture and standing on his own for a few seconds, and now is standing more and more on his own, i am positive he is just days away from walking!

(having a snooze at church)

he loves to bang things and clap hands, making noise is obviously a forte for this one. i am sure music will be in his future. he's also added to his one word vocabulary, and now says hey! as well as mum. (we'll keep working on that...)

he loves to be tickled and giggles away with his hearty little giggle whilst squirming and pushing us... clearly enjoying himself. also... his hair is still blonde, but starting to get a little orange tinge underneath. soooo adorable. he'll have the girls lined up around the block in no time at all.

we love him! ♥

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