Sunday, March 8, 2015

clackline trip

i've just come home last night from staying at my parents house with the kids. doug was having a long work week and we had nothing planned, so a trip to the country it was. we opshopped our way up to clackline, stopping a few times and found some awesome stuff. what can i say? my mother taught me everything i know... and she is still my favourite person to go opshopping with. the best.

the kids always love going up to clackline, the space, the quiet, the trees and most of all, having their grandparents at their beckon call. maddie ran around non stop on the verandahs and in the yard, loving every minute. no wonder she slept so soundly at night.

on friday we went for a drive to york to check out the salvation army jumble sale and then stopped in at my friend keryn's house, a few kms out of york. we talk constantly, yet rarely see each other and the last time i saw her son (who is two) was as a fairly newborn, maybe just a few months old - and the same with her and joseph, so funny - both times we have just randomly run into each other in a shopping centre.

our kids got along pretty well though and played pretty nicely together, considering it was the first time they had met each other... the best bit though, was that they both have bright red hair, in exactly the same shade. too, too funny.

we had a nice little catch up and she even gave us brownies for the road!i am a complete and utter brownie snob/addict and i thought they were amazing! so if you haven't tried the adriano zumbo bake at home pack, go and get yourself one from the local supermarket and get baking. i tell you, they are worth it, no matter how much they cost!

and saturday? we had a nice old browse at the northam markets by the river... they are very much a trash and treasure style... with lots of vintage and secondhand items, as well as a few handmade. i liked it a lot and will definitely go again next time we are at mums, maddie had the time of her life there, playing in the water playground and having her pretty little face painted like a butterfly. 

it was all over too soon, when doug arrived to get us last night, but we were pleased to see him, of course and be sleeping in our own beds. there is nothing better in the world than grandparents and we are so glad to have been made so welcome! ♥

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