Wednesday, March 11, 2015

another trip to aqwa

we love the aquarium! we went for the second time on monday and had the best time... my best friends mother gave us some money for the kids for christmas and told us to get them something they wanted... but they seem to have everything (because they are so loved!) so we decided to do something, not buy something. we had originally decided on the zoo, but it had been an awfully hot week, so we asked miss madeline whether she would prefer the zoo or the aquarium and she excitedly jumped up and down and said, "the quarium, the quarium!" it's obviously indoors and by water, so it's a lot, lot cooler than the zoo.

baby joseph seemed to love it too and was looking at everything... trying to spin his head around at top speed in his pram, which after a while we tipped back so he could lay and look up at the fish overhead. aqwa (the aquarium of western australia) has an awesome set up, including a 3 million litre shark tank, filled with sting rays, loggerhead turtles, hundreds of fish and a few sharks. this tank has an automated walkway that goes around inside a tunnel that spans 98m through the shark tank.

there are also dozens of single tanks with so many beautiful creatured, like these jellyfish. i know they are dangerous, but they are so beautiful and peaceful to watch as they swim about.

madeline of course was obsessed with the clown fish, and insisted on having her photo taken with the "nemos". they are so cute, i can see why they chose to make a movie about them.

and of course, my favourite! i have to admit (not that it's ever been a secret, i would give most anything for a pet seahorse. they are just amazing. so delicate and beautiful.

we had a fabulous time at the touch pool, where you can stroke little miniature sharks, that feel like wet sandpaper and hold a starfish. madeline loved it and we spent a lot of time there... she was so proud of herself holding the beautiful starfish!

as was i... i love them a little too much.

but my absolute favourite part of the aquarium, is the living reef, what an amazing place to be. i could honestly sit and watch the fish for hours on end... all the coral and incredible colours are just indescribable, although this picture has captured it fairly well.

these sea dragons amaze me, looking exactly like seaweed, yet floating around. there are so many beautiful creatures in this world and i feel so blessed to love so close to the ocean and have somewhere that we can go to learn and explore with our children.

on our second round of the shark tank, joseph got a little braver and started to reach up to the glass, while doug held onto him. he loved the stingrays and kept waving to them as they swam by.

we had the best day... there is nothing like having time with your family. 

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