Monday, March 2, 2015

an evening in fremantle

after all these years, my heart is still in fremantle. i was born there many years ago and my family moved to clackline (you may have to look that up...) where my parents still live a few days before my fourth birthday. it's funny though, because visiting there, still feels like going home.

after having 3 family birthdays (jared, joseph and jared jnr) all in 8 days, we decided to get the whole family together and go off to good old cicerello's and have fish and chips together.

madeline had the time of her life, she loves to see her big cousins... and she was so proud to be walking around with dad and being treated like a big girl, stopping and looking at things and chatting away to anyone and everyone that walked past. she really is a social butterfly that kid.

i just love fremantle, all the little details... like the posts that line the streets surround the fishing boat harbour. where else would they have a little anchor imprint? ♥

we also took this photo for madeline's poppy (doug's dad). he is obsessed with acdc and bon scott... so we thought we would take a snap of "the two great loves of poppy's life". and as predicted, he loved it. it's nice that the internet has allowed people to be so close when they are far away. we are sure to send lots of photos to keep them updated.

and the best part of the night? my parents shouting us all to amazing icecream from la dolce vita afterwards. yummmm. even joseph loved it!

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