Tuesday, December 23, 2014

getting my christmas bake onnn...

last year, mum was away and i stepped up as the "goodie plate maker" in her place. (see linked blog post for recipes) however, there was such raving from the boys at dougs work when he appeared with the plates, that i thought i had better make them again this year. so the baking began and has taken up some what of my time last night and tonight.

my only change this year was to add chocolate rocky road (a packet of chocolate melts, a packet of chopped pink and white pascall marshmallows, a cup of peanuts and two chopped up turkish delight bars) and mars bar slice. yum yum yum. hopefully they will be received just as happily this year. 

clearly it's worth the time it takes and i can see why mum has kept it up all these years. now she's back though... will i? haha. luckily our trays have different things. 

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