Sunday, December 28, 2014


after christmas at my brothers house and having this trifle loved and admired, i thought i had better share the recipe. i really however, cannot take any credit for it - as it's how my grandmother and mother made them and i just do the same. it's so simple, but so yum.

you will need:
a sponge jam roll
a large tin fruit salad (i used the cocktail one that has grapes)
2 packets jelly
custard powder
600ml cream
flake bar

slice jam roll into slice appox. 20cm thick and lay in base of dish, fill gaps as much as possible.
drain fruit salad and set aside liquid. spread fruit evenly over roll slices.
make jelly according to directions, but use fruit juice as part of the water measurement
pour over fruit and roll and allow to set in fridge.
once set, make custard from powder on stovetop according to directions (i use the foster clarks brand) to make 1 litre.
leave on stove top to cool, stir occasionally to break up, once it's cool enough to touch, pour over jelly and return to fridge until fully set.
whip cream and spread layer over top.
crumble flake on it.

see? it's easy. now go and make one yourself! 

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