Sunday, December 14, 2014

they're home/ my birthday

i got the best birthday gift this year... my parents got home last night!!! it is so nice to have them home and safe and all the grandchildren are loving it too. my eldest brother and his children came to our ward today and we all sat together as one huge family... then home for birthday lunch.

i got a selfie stick from a friend who knows i appreciate ridiculous gifts and doug and i were cracking up giving it a try when everyone left. classic. i don't know how keen i would be on using it in public... (how embarassing right...?) but it was a crack up here at home. selfieeeee!

my beautiful best friend jen also gave me this amazing hand made clutch. she actually made it for her handmade store to sell online earlier this year and over the months that have passed i have continued to hint that if it didn't sell that she should give it to me for my birthday. i like it so much that i even told doug to buy it for me! then at dinner the other night, lo and behold i unwrapped my gift and there it was. as subtle as a brick eh. hahaha.  

doug bought me a new purse (mimco! squeee) that's a beautiful deep green with cutout stars all over the top layer of the leather, and a new dinner set. both very happily received, my husband knows me far too well!  

it was a perfect birthday. especially having my little ones to cuddle. i can't get over what a sweet baby joseph is, especially when he asleep snuggled up to doug like this. 

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