Wednesday, December 17, 2014

the road to bethlehem 2014

on monday we went to the seventh day adventist road to bethlehem for family home evening. each year the sda church in canning vale puts on a walk-through nativity for those wishing to celebrate and remember the true meaning of christmas. we went last year also and it is a wonderful experience... walking the road with guides, visiting the marketplace, the shepherds and the inn - before arriving at the manger to see the baby jesus. 

we went with a big group of friends from our ward and nearby... but when some pulled out at the last minute, we were able to quickly get hold of jared, donna and the kids who had tried unsuccessfully to book. what luck!

the road to bethlehem has become so popular in recent years, that to be able to attend, you need to book prior to arriving, or wait in a line until some of the standby tickets available for each session become available. it is free of charge, but you can book online here. they generally become available around the end of november and the three night it operates are around 15th of december.

and it is so, so worth going! there is so much effort made to ensure that the sets and actors are realistically represented. it's so wonderful to know that a church makes such an effort to keep the true meaning of christmas upheld year after year... free of charge. 

the kings harlots...

a sneaky selfie with my eldest brother

at the inn

my sweet niece emma with the nativity donkey. what a gorgeous picture!

and baby j all rugged up in mel and aitu's stroller, that neither of their girls wanted to stay in haha! very convenient for him. 

as always, hungry jacks for dinner afterwards... as it is directly across the road. winner. definitely one of our family's best christmas traditions... if you haven't been before, make sure you remember for next year! it's 100% worth it.

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