Wednesday, December 3, 2014

more wedding prep!

my friend viviennes son is getting married in january and after offering to lend a hand, i spent last night wrapping jars for the reception tables. i really struck it lucky a few years ago, finding 50 odd decent sized jars (with lids) for sale on gumtree for only $35. winner. 

after speaking to the mother of the bride and discussing options at length, we decided to wrap them in lace and ribbon... they'll each have a tealight candle burning in them, making a pretty lace pattern on the tablecloths. they ended up being so cheap to make though, as i bought all the lace we needed on ebay here for only $8 all up including postage to australia, and all the ribbon here for $2. i wonder how they even make any money!!! but made it easy to do things cheap while still looking good!

they are also having a jar (in this case mason jars with handles that i also had handy) with a bouquet of dried flowers on each table, between three of the candle jars above. it's going to look awesome and i've been so glad to be able to help!

some of the finished product, waiting to be delivered.

this is also my first actual wedding gig. surprise! i am going to be an actual paid photographer - and i am so excited (and scared!! hahaha) it's going to be an awesome day. can't wait!

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