Tuesday, December 9, 2014

lemon glazed cheesecake

i made a deal with a friend of mine, that if she came and did my hair for my work christmas party this year that i would make her some form of baked goods, of her choice. she chose lemon cheesecake, so true to my word... here it is. google found me a great recipe, which i knew i was safe with, as it was from the coles supermarkets website, meaning for once all the ingredients were available in australia! yay! 

it was a bit more in depth (compared to some of the other simple cheesecake recipes i have seen/made over the years) as it's a baked once, topped with lemon glaze, that gives it that beautiful sunshine yellow top. taste though, was a+ and i am certainly filing the recipe away for future reference. christmas day perhaps? yum yum yum. you can find it here.

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