Monday, December 29, 2014

landis family photos

today i had the absolute pleasure of taking family photographs for some very close friends. throughout the month of december, the australia perth temple presidency opened the gates to the temple on monday nights, to allow families to visit during their weekly family home evening. this was the last opportunity to do so... and what better place could there be for family photos, than within the beautiful gardens of the temple? 

sometime i look back on photos and feel as though i really manged to capture the personalities of the people in the shots. today was one of those days. it made me so, so happy to go through the shots later and pick which ones i was going to edit.

and the beautiful surroundings made them even better!

this is by far my favourite, just that cheeky little grin - surrounded by the most loving parents. 
just. so. much. love.

and this photo definitely proves that they are one of those couples that are still as in love now as the day they got married. ♥

i am in love with mason's cute little grin. he just makes me happy every time i see him.

i could do photos with rob & bianca over and over, my camera loves their family as much as i do... but i am so glad we had this opportunity to make some beautiful memories in a beautiful place. 

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