Saturday, December 6, 2014

invocare christmas party 2014

i technically still have a job. yes, i'm on maternity leave and have been for almost 10 months, but i'm still employed and on the books until i formally resign... so we were invited to the christmas party, held tonight at the hyatt regency in perth city. and as always it was great. lots of laughs, good music (for the first time i can ever actually remember. note to the organiser, keep that dj's number...) and of course great food. our friend kindly had madeline, who rocked the night away with her two girls of a similar age and another friends daughter came to look after joseph. so easy done. i fed him and put him to sleep, then we scooted out the door! win.

and the best bit? i went shopping in a friends wardrobe for the  fabulous dress i have on, wore shoes i'd had for years... and yet another girlfriend came around to do my hair for me. cheap as... so glad to have good friends... made the day run smoothly and everything was ace.

my friend mel and i. one of the best and funniest people i know.

thank goodness for work functions. the one night a year all the stuffy (haha hardly) funeral directors can let their hair down and get the party started. it's always a great night and i know i'll be bummed when the day comes that i'm no longer on the list.

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