Saturday, December 20, 2014

he's 10 months!

this babe is 10 months old. how does this keep happening? i know we are meant to enjoy them while they are babies... but how can we enjoy this time that is just rushing by at a crazy speed. yikes. oh well. another month, another shot in his corner of our brown couch, looking happy as larry... or is that happy as joseph? he is such a sweet, happy boy.

he loves to crawl around the house, looking at everything and his new thing, playing with the doors. although... he has managed to swing the doors closed once or twice and got himself stuck inside a room with him too close to the door to open it again and get out... that's when i hear his little baby voice calling for his mama to come and get him out! 

earlier this month, you grabbed hold of a table leg and just stood up! no walking yet, but you're definitely wanting to get up and stand with those chubby legs of yours. you also cut three teeth on one day... no wonder we had a little grumpy pants on our hands. not cool.

we love you baby joseph and are so excited to watch you grow and explore!

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