Sunday, December 21, 2014

christmas sunday family photos

christmas sunday (what we refer to the sunday closest to christmas as) was today! i love it! it's our excuse to wear red and green (because let's be honest, any other time of the year you'd just look like a total weirdo) and take a beautiful snap of our family all together.

we snuck out to the temple with a friend as soon as sacrament was over and amazingly enough the kids even co-operated and we got this beautiful shot. so happy with it. :)

and this! what an absolute firecracker of a kid. that smile is amazing. she makes me laugh every day, so much and so often. we truly are blessed to have her in our lives. i think this may actually be my favourite photo of her ever. it just shows every single bit of her huge personality.

joseph was only too happy to smile for us too. (thank goodness my children are photogenic or I'd be one disappointed mother with a camera haha) i am in love with his little reindeer bib, was an absolute perfect purchase for christmas. 

just for good measure, one more pic of our little family. ♥

merry christmas to all our friends and family
with love from the kendalls x

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