Sunday, November 23, 2014

primary presentation 2014

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a big sigh of relief, our primary presentation "families are forever" is over. phew. all the hard work that our kids have put in over the last year has come to this... and they were amazing! i am not just saying that... they really did put in a lot of effort and this big fat softie looked at them during one of the songs and got completely overwhelmed and emotional... and had to hold back the tears (which of course set off another one of the leaders...) i can't help it, i just love them all so much.

it was especially amazing to hear the two "music leader choice" songs that i picked myself "the things jesus asks of me" which you can buy here and "teach me about the temple" which you can get here. they are such beautiful songs and i am so grateful for people who spend their time writing music for us to sing praises to our father in heaven. there are very few things sweeter than hearing children sing. 

i am feeling so inspired now and couldn't wait to get into next years music and see what we'll be doing... one of the pick your own song themes is "jesus christ is the son of god, and he is a god of miracles" i did a bit of hunting and came across a song called "the miracle" by shawna edwards - which i have purchased for our primary to sing. it is amazing. i listened to it once and can't get it out of my head... go and have a listen here. i am so excited to teach it to them. i can't wait to get into the new music! :) bring on 2015!

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