Thursday, November 20, 2014

nine months old already!

i was silly enough to blink and all of a sudden my baby boy is 9 months old. he is a chubby, happy, smiley, hungry baby. and we love him to pieces. i used to roll my eyes when people would say, "i can't imagine life with out insert-your-childs-name-here" or i can't remember life without "insert-same-name-here" but i get it now. he has slotted into life at the kendalls and we love having him here. 

his eyes. oh his eyes. people always stop to talk to him because his eyes are so, so bright. he stares away at you and you just want to scoop him up for a cuddle, which i can of course do because he is mine, but at the shops or out and about, people always stop and say hello to him. especially when he is grinning away with his four teeth!! his top two have come through this month and he loves to grind away with them, testing them out. 

i've also learnt very quickly when he is done having a feed, when he sinks his teeth into me. ouch. he also loved to place his hand on my breast when he is having a feed and opens and closes his little fist, which unfortunately led to me having scratch marks all over me. thankfully that only lasted a month or so. violent little creature. haha

we love to dress joseph up for church in funky threads... and have laughed non-stop looking back of these pictures with daddy and joseph wearing matching bow-ties. how blessed we are to have a wonderful excuse to dress up once a week. :) this outfit above has to have been one of my favourites, he just looked absolutely darling! this picture just kills me, that smile and those eyes. i love him!

he finally took his first few crawl steps forward this past week... and i have a feeling he'll be off and racing before too long. he's very strong! he also started sitting up on his own, the same day... watching him sit himself up is hysterical, i love the way he pushes away around himself until he can manoeuvre himself into a position to sit up from. it's the cutest. 

he is loving madeline's car. when i am cooking he quite often gets upset having to sit in his high chair for too long, but doug grabbed the car from the garage for him to sit in, and once madeline got over her disgust that someone had taken her precious car, even she loved watching him twist around and play with all the knobs and gadgets inside it. he's a real little boy, wants to touch everything. we are going to have to watch out when he is properly on the move.

i feel like he suddenly got very big very quickly and keep looking at him wondering where my baby went. he is into size 0 in most things now and isn't showing any signs of stopping. madeline was a midget in comparison. glad he is a big healthy boy though, it would probably look a little funny if their sizes were the other way around.

joseph still doesn't say anything other than "mamaaaa" but we hear that a lot, especially if i have left the room and he notices! there is nothing sweeter than hearing your name from a baby. he makes plenty of different noises though, including the old blabber and hand on and off the mouth like an indian. classic. we mostly hear that when we have put him to bed, now that he can sit up, which of course he does in protest.

he lovvvvvves bath time, especially when his bis sister is there to splash with him. they have such a fun time, giggling away and making a mess of my bathroom. thank goodness it's only water. i've also found that when i need to take a shower in the mornings, he is quite happy to play with his bath toys in the empty bath. phew. keeps him occupied for just long enough for me to do my thing, he can see me and i can see him. everybody wins!

so there you have it. the monthly update on our little one. and just for good measure, one more picture of him looking ridiculously attractive in one of my favourite outfits. i just can't get enough! luckily he's mine and i can smooch those beautiful cheeks as much as i want. ♥

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