Saturday, November 8, 2014

madeline's big girl room tour

well, here it is! my little girl has grown up suddenly and has a room for a big girl. with a big bed (that she loves to jump on) and other fun things. niques vacated the room and left for queensland shortly before we left for samoa... and i have finally gotten around to posting some pictures of it on here.

i have done my best with the terrible cheap (now dirty and worn) carpet and awful coloured walls that come with a rental... and despite that, madeline is thrilled with the result. every time someone comes to our house, they are greeted with "do you want to come in my room?" "i love my room" "mummy made it for me" she's clearly easily pleased, but it is a nice place to sit and play.

3d butterfly heart pic a custom piece from ma & me
princess castle available at all department/toy stores or online here
toy basket below from the reject shop

i'm ocd as anything, i had to have matching hangers... and it has made such a difference to how neat her closet looks, no more mish-mashed hanging... get to kmart $3 for 10
solid recycled cardboard cubes $10 each from target
pink laundry tub (mini handbag storage) from bunnings

follow your dreams canvas print from kmart
dolly pram made by my grandfather for my third birthday ♥

antique cast iron bed a gift for my sixth birthday from my grandmother
pale pink quilt set with white fluffy wings detail & matching white fluffy cushion trelise cooper at ezibuy au

babushka cushion toy a gift from my best friend to madeline

pink chevron cushion from flamingo tease

rainbow quilled picture, a custom piece from ma & me
bedside table from kmart
wooden campervan playset from kmart
lamp from keeley's garden

dream canvas from the local opshop for $5 - what a steal!
jewellery stand from diva (now lovisa)
teddybear money box, made by my aunt when i was a child
dreamcatcher canvas from earthly gifts by the sea

love letters from thingz gifts
"heaven" canvas from kmart
birdcage from junk to jazz
eiffel tower bookends from gumtree
classics bookset available here
praying children also from my aunt
mirror from ezibuy au
"wild thing" gold leather crown from hubble + duke

chest of drawers from ikea

mr piggy, a gift from a friend and still madly loved by miss maddie
pink wooden stool handmade by my beautiful grandfather

lightshade from ezibuy au

so there you have it! madeline's room. 
we love it and are glad she does too ♥

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