Thursday, November 13, 2014

handmade pillowcases

flicking through a few home magazines (and pinterest of course... always pinterest) i've come across numerous yellow bed covers and i am loving them. i was almost at the point of considering paying full price for one (anyone that knows me will be rolling with laughter) and then on a recent opshop adventure i discovered this beauty hanging out on the manchester rack just waiting for me to discover it. For just $10 it was a score... the only issue was that it only came with one pillowcase. so tonight i worked a little magic with my trusty friend my sewing machine and made it into two!

i had an idea in my head to simply pull apart two plain white pillowcases, then use one side (with the flap closure still attached) to sew to a piece the same size of the patterned fabric (i'd also pulled the other pillow case apart), making a standard sized pillow case. i don't have mad sewing skills, but thankfully it worked perfectly and i now have two pillowcases to go with my new cover! yay!

new bedset? $10. winning. 

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