Wednesday, November 26, 2014

further proof...

elder bruce r. mcconkie once wrote: “there are … millions of sincere and devout persons who disbelieve, oppose, and openly fight the book of mormon. … what is it about some words on a printed page—all of which are clean and uplifting and pertain to historical and doctrinal matters—that arouses such violent antagonism?

“men ordinarily do not rise up to fight the bible; they do not organize mobs and incite them to shed the blood of others because such persons believe in the scripture of the old world. … the violent opposition to the book of mormon is one of the great evidences of its divinity. if it were not of god, lucifer would not overly concern himself with it.” (a new witness for the articles of faith, salt lake city: deseret book co., 1985, pp. 59–60, 462.)

like i needed further proof, but this says it all. every time i hear people questioning my beliefs, which is over and over... i just need to remember this. it's hard because it's worth it.


(the above quote is an excerpt from a general conference talk given in december 1989 by dennis l. largey called: "enemies of righteousness." you can, and should, read it here!)

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