Monday, November 10, 2014

dragons are frightened of princesses

i thought it was about time i updated you all about our little madeline. what a bombshell. she certainly lives up to the feisty redhead reputation. she is sassy and likes to now everything that's going on, no secrets allowed. what are you doing mum? where are you going? she is bossy as, and loves to tell us all what to do... or maybe she just knows she's always right (yeah, right.) she's always organising everything exactly how she likes it and heaven forbid you touch or move a thing from where she put it. she adores playing "shopping" and will move around the house putting random things in her little bags or pram loading them up until things fall out, then bringing them to me and pulling them out one by one to show me what she has. she loves to play with her dolls and make them chat to each other, she loves to play baby (mostly when she is tired, it's a dead giveaway haha) and she loves her baby brother. she is always chatting to him, passing him things, patting him and just generally loving him. she is obsessed with kinder eggs and sometimes is so excited to open them that she forgets to eat the chocolate haha.

she still loves the disney princesses and always tells me all about them as she moves them around her castle, she has even learned the names of their boyfriends and talks about them being married. haha. i think i'd be safe saying her current favourite is aurora from sleeping beauty, she always chooses her from the bandaid tin (i buy a few different kinds of character bandaids and let her choose according to her mood) although this week she chose one of the fingers she sucks on and had to lose the bandaid after a few minutes. i found it discarded with her toys. we saw mulan for the first time this month and she has added her to her endless stories, not that i blame her... i loved her too, what a hero. she also loves hello kitty after my friend started the craze buying her a "blind bag" and we now have the whole set. they are very cute! she wants to show every single person that comes to our house, "my bedroom that mummy made for me" thank goodness she likes it.

madeline still loves nursery and tried to tell me the other day that she couldn't wear the dress i had chosen to church because "sister currie won't like it" (side note, sister currie did like it) she has some lovely leaders and there are some sweet children in there with her. she has made firm friends with leigh and leiara, our friends daughters and spends all day telling me that she is going to their house to play with them and jump on the trampoline. 

she is still quite petite and wears size 2 without any problems, we are definitely not ready for all 3's just yet, although we've moved into some just for length. she still doesn't have much hair and i look enviously at all our friends girls, waiting for her hair to grow. she is a sweet smiley girl, who wants to befriend everyone she meets.

we had a few issues with bedtime as madeline was a little afraid of the dark - i heard a few things that could be hiding in her room including lions and dragons... i suggested she wear her crown to bed because dragons are frightened of princesses. she went off to sleep and was quite happy, then the following night i checked on her again and there she was fast asleep with it on, she'd climbed out of bed and gotten her crown to wear. we now of course have to wear it every night, fine by me... at least she feels safe.

she is still as funny as ever, every ready with a cheeky grin - and we love her for it. i can't imagine life without her sassiness.

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