Sunday, November 16, 2014

come follow me

one of my most prized possessions is the two lds hymn books that belonged to my grandfather joseph and grandma phyllis. when grandad passed away, they were the first and only things i asked for. my grandmother apparently had the voice of an angel, a beautiful alto voice that she was famous for in the church. (reminder here for anyone not from around here, everyone knows everyone in perth... especially if you're a mormon.)

i don't remember her well enough to remember, as she passed away when i was only 6, but i do know that what musical talent i have, certainly came from her. i love to sing and have sang in numerous church meetings over the years... plus i had the pleasure of leading the ward choir for years. i often think of the day that she and i will be reunited and how badly i want to sing a duet with her for the first time. i sometimes even wonder if she watches me sing and sees my love for singing? and i wonder if she is proud of me? if she waits for that day too? what a joy it is to know that my family is eternal.

i sang in our ward mission fireside this evening, a beautiful song that brings such joy to my heart - and was sure to sing it from her hymn book, to hold her close to me and for that little bit of extra luck.

come follow me the saviour said
then let us in his footsteps tread
for thus alone can we be one
with gods own beloved son


for thrones, dominions, kingdoms, powers
and glory great and bliss are ours
if we throughout eternity
obey his words, come follow me

-lds hymns 116

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